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Online and in-person sessions


We will meet every week for 30 minutes using a HIPAA complaint platform. Session time is utilized to practice directly practice speech therapy, obtain and discuss assessment and progress data, parent coaching, Q&A.

Homework Assignments

At the end of each session you and your therapist will discuss specific strategies to use throughout the week.

Video Review

in-between sessions you can opt to record yourself practicing your speech strategies for you therapist to review. This will ensure that independent practice is done correctly and effective. We will review your video and provide any necessary feedback to ensure at-home practice is effective.

Messaging during the week

Not sure if your doing something correct? Have a question you forgot to ask during the session? The Speech Studio offers text messaging services to address any questions that may come up when we are not together.

*a travel fee for in-home sessions is applied based on distance traveled.

About Insurance:

We do not belong to any insurance networks; however; per your request we can provide you with an invoice, called a superbill, to submit to your insurance company for any reimbursement you may be entitled to based on your coverage.

Prior to beginning services, we strongly suggest you check with your insurance company to determine whether or not you have coverage for speech and language services. It is your responsibility to determine your coverage, as well as, if any preauthorizations that are required to evaluate or treat your child.

We suggest you ask your insurance provider the following questions:

  1. Does my policy provide for speech therapy service?
  2. What are the acceptable diagnosis codes for speech therapy?
  3. What is the reimbursement rate?
  4. Do my benefits cover both speech therapy and a speech evaluation?
  5. Do I need to provide specific documentation such as doctor referral, evaluations, or progress reports?
  6. How do I submit for reimbursement?
  7. How long do I have to submit for reimbursement?

Patients of The Speech Studio are solely responsible for any and all charges accrued. The Speech Studio is not responsible for contacting, coordinating, or seeking reimbursement from your insurance.

A superbill is an itemized insurance-based receipt that can be used for reimbursement submissions for out-of-network insurance providers. Superbills do not guarantee a reimbursement from your provider, therefore, it is highly recommended you call your insurance company prior to starting services.

Cancellation/No-Show fees are not applicable for insurance reimbursement and are not included in superbills.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call!

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, and all major credit card and debit cards.