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Peter is three years old and isn’t developing as fast as his peers. Other kids his age are using words and expressing themselves while he still communicates with points and grunts. His parents are concerned and have visited multiple doctors and specialists who all suggest they take a wait-and-see approach.

Meanwhile, things keep getting worse. He has tantrums when they try to take away his pacifier or serve him anything besides Goldfish crackers. His parents are worried that this may be a sign of a more serious developmental problem and are scared for his future. They can’t stand by waiting anymore.

Lisa just entered high school and is still struggling with her speech. She slurs her words, breathes loudly, and her mouth constantly hangs open. Her mother brought her to speech therapy in the past, and while it helped for a time, her progress has plateaued.

The older Lisa gets, the more self-conscious she grows. She’s become insecure and quiet and rarely socializes with her peers. Her mother isn’t sure how to help her, but she knows that something has to change before Lisa retreats any further into herself.

Sam recently graduated from college and is ready to take on the world, but something doesn’t feel right. He suffers from sleep apnea and constantly wakes up with pain in his back, jaw, and neck. His snoring is so loud that his girlfriend has taken to sleeping in a different room.

He always had trouble with his mouth – a speech impediment as a child, then braces and retainer as a teen. Sometimes, when he first meets people, they have trouble understanding everything he says. He’s tired of dealing with these problems but worries it may be too late to fix them.

Speech therapy can be the answer.

Give your toddler their best shot at a bright and healthy future.

Help your teen develop the confidence to live their life proudly.

Free yourself from the constant nagging pain and inconveniences
you’ve suffered for too long.

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Hi, I’m Sandy
I’m the founder of The Speech Studio!

We are here to redefine speech therapy by taking a holistic approach. The mouth plays a vital role in speaking, eating, breathing, and resting.

If you’re facing challenges in one area, we explore all aspects to pinpoint the cause rather than just treating symptoms—a unique and effective approach in our field.

Let’s work together.

Together, we can uncover the underlying issues and tailor treatments for lasting results.

In this niche field, it’s common to find professionals who have had personal experiences that drove them to make this area the primary focus of their practice.

More about me

Our goal is to provide speech and related therapy services that center on the overall structure and function of the mouth, allowing us to tackle root causes of your issues and seek faster, lifelong results.

We also aim to establish a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who can guide individuals toward treatments and solutions for issues that fall outside our scope of practice. It’s about collaboration and comprehensive care to address the holistic needs of those we serve. No more feeling alone.

We take a personalized approach and consider your age, individualized symptoms and unique needs to provide a well-rounded therapy experience. Our methods may include speech therapy, orofacial myology, feeding therapy, Buteyko breathing, and other suitable therapies within our expertise.

We believe in a whole-body approach and embrace a multidisciplinary perspective. If there’s something we can’t address, we’ll connect you with the right specialist. Our focus is on function, and we collaborate closely with practitioners to ensure you achieve the best therapy outcomes.

More about me

Peter’s parents were tired of waiting while things deteriorated, so they got in touch with me. Together, we helped Peter use his words and gave his parents the tools to support his journey. Now, he is communicating more clearly, eating with less hassle, and making leaps and bounds in his development.

Lisa and her parents called me, and we started working together. Through our sessions, Lisa learned to speak more easily, which, in turn, grew her self-esteem. Now, she is talking with more confidence, participating in class discussions, and making new friends at school.

Sam had run out of ideas when he reached out to me. Nothing seemed to be helping his nagging health problems. Through our work, he learned that he had a facial muscle imbalance that was causing many of these issues. Now he’s sleeping and breathing better and waking each morning without pain.

*The names mentioned represent real individuals but have been altered to protect patient privacy and confidentiality.

It’s time to make a change.

We helped Peter, Lisa, and Sam improve their lives through speech therapy, and I can do the same for you and your family.

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