The feeding therapy program has been a game-changer for our toddler! Sandy transformed mealtime into a positive experience, and we’ve seen remarkable progress. We’re grateful for the tailored approach and valuable strategies provided. Our child now engages with food confidently, and we couldn’t be happier with the positive impact of this program!

– Sam,
Hawthorne, CA

My myofunctional therapy totally changed the game for me! I used to feel like nobody got what I was going through, and being called lazy all the time was seriously not cool. But the therapists in this program understood me. They actually listened and had my back. The exercises were kinda like my secret weapons, making my speech and face muscles way stronger. Now, not only do I talk better, but I also walk taller. Big shoutout to a program that gets it – it’s been a real game-changer for me!

– Jenny,
Marina Del Rey, CA

Sandy has been seeing my 3-year-old for the past year. My wife and I are thrilled with the progress he’s made with his pronunciation and overall vocabulary. He isn’t crying or throwing tantrums nearly as much as he did before when we weren’t sure of exactly what he wanted during his outbursts. Being able to more effectively communicate with our son is immeasurable, and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Highly recommend!

– Rob,
Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Sandy as a speech therapist. She worked with our daughter for 12 months, and we have seen significant improvement in her speech and confidence. Sandy is an extremely competent professional and truly loves her work and clients.

– Susan,
Orlando, FL

My son has been coming to The Speech Studio for over a year now. It is amazing to see how much growth and talking he is doing! He has such a great time and always looks forward to his sessions with them.

– John,
Reno, NV

I enjoy working with The Speech Studio because they gave me a lot of tips and techniques I can use during the day to help my child’s language grow. I learned that following my child’s lead instead of trying to direct him on how to play has not only helped increase my child’s vocabulary, but we both have more fun playing together.

– Sarah,
Los Angeles, CA

My Child has been “stuck” in therapy for years trying to perfect his /s/ sound. The Speech Studio had introduced me to new techniques and ideas that my other therapists have never heard of. We found out my child was tongue-tied, and instead of teaching him how to compensate, we were able to address the cause of the problem.

– Maria,
Los Angeles, CA

The Speech Studio has helped my child learn how to talk. I couldn’t be happier listening to what my little nugget has to say!

– Tammy,
Sacramento, CA

Sandy at The Speech Studio is incredibly knowledgeable. She is able to answer my questions and provide guidance towards what I should and shouldn’t expect from my little girl at her age. Therapy services are play-based, and my little one has such a great time she doesn’t even know she’s working!

– Gloria,
Gainesville, FL

My daughter is working in TV. She had a lisp that was cute for her previous show, but the cuteness is wearing off as she is growing older. Sandy had taught her how to correct her /s/ sound in a few short sessions. My daughter worked hard and was determined to correct it. Now, she can go to her auditions with confidence.

– Lacy,
Los Angeles, CA

Sandy had taught me numerous strategies from the Hanen it takes two to talk program that I could easily use in passing throughout the day. I originally expected therapy to be drill-based and boring, but instead, it’s fun, and I can use those strategies in passing during the day. I have a busy schedule, so I am thrilled I don’t have to set aside a lot of time to work on speech with my child.

– Barry,
Santa Barbara, CA

We live in an area that is remote, and finding a speech therapist was hard. We reluctantly signed up for sessions on the computer, and I now wouldn’t have it any other way. Telehealth has saved me a lot of time driving to therapists’ offices. Sandy uses a lot of special techniques and green screens. I enjoy watching her program materials just as much as my son.

– Lucy,
Marina Del Rey, CA