Oral Habits / Thumb-Sucking

1250808862You can only do so much…

You’ve tried taking the pacifier away, but they cried until they found something else to suck on.

Nagging, negotiating, and threats haven’t made it stop, either.

And you can’t very well take their thumb away…

“How is this going to end??”

398899306These habits can grow up with us.

It’s common for a baby to use a pacifier and explore with their mouth, but after six months or a year, it’s time to start paying attention to the behavior.

Extended pacifier use or habits like sucking on t-shirts or putting objects in our mouths are considered oral habits.

And it doesn’t always stop in infancy… or childhood, for that matter. Chewing pen caps during calls, consistent nail-biting, or constantly needing to chew gum or smoke…

These behaviors often persist into adulthood.

Lots of things create these habits…

Things like improper muscle function, difficulty breathing, and stimulating nerves in the mouth can contribute to oral habits.

They can even develop from issues like chronic mouth-breathing or stress.

Addressing these factors can make a big difference, promoting a healthy mouth and overall well-being for kiddos and grown-ups.

Thinking about kicking the habit?

You should – for yourself or your child.

Besides making things dirty and risking sickness, oral habits can affect our dental health, leading to expensive issues like chipped teeth or painful jaw problems.

These habits can even influence the mouth development of developing children, potentially causing misalignments or narrow palates.

You’re here because you’re ready to make a smart move for your smile and your health!

736737742Let’s do this!

We’ll design a personalized plan for you or your child incorporating sensory-oral motor approaches, various exercises, and positive reinforcement.

Our playful exercises, like fun tongue and lip workouts, reshape oral habits while positive reinforcement turns it into a rewarding adventure. Beyond that, we’ll replace sensory needs, ensuring a smooth transition away from the pacifier.

It’s all about creating healthy oral habits for a happy, confident smile. Say goodbye to pacifier struggles and hello to a mouth that thrives!

Our goal is to establish proper oral resting posture and a mouth that functions properly.

“Thumbs down” to thumb-sucking!

We get it – your child is truly “attached” to their thumbs in more ways than one.

That’s why it’s crucial to consider the emotional aspect of this journey.

If your little one isn’t quite ready to bid farewell to the thumb-sucking saga, we’ll delve into the reasons behind it and help tune their emotional-sensory systems for a smooth transition.

We’ll address these issues early to promote their long-term oral-facial development and oral health.

Break the habit, embrace the smile!

Ready to bid farewell to pacifiers, thumb-sucking, and other oral habits?

It’s time to make a smart move for your smile and overall health!

Let’s do this!