424331113When people focus on HOW you talk…

They don’t fully appreciate WHAT you or your child says.

Speaking with a lisp often means having to repeat yourself.

Public speaking or general introductions… terrifying!

Avoiding certain words may have become a habit.

Or worse, you’ve resigned to “stay home” and avoid communication altogether.

Lisps are usually due to incorrect tongue placement.

It’s either an “interdental lisp” where the tongue sticks out between the teeth, turning the /s/ or /z/ sounds into the /th/ sound (e.g., “mass” becomes “math”)…

Or it’s a “lateral lisp”where air escapes through the sides of the mouth, creating a “set” or “slushy” sound.

Speech therapy can help alleviate and correct tongue placement to reduce or eliminate a lisp.

2036304983We’re here to help.

Maybe you’ve never had speech therapy to correct a lisp…

Or you may have done some work with a therapist, settling on “this is the best we can do.”

Either way, if you struggle with a lisp or are self-conscious about it, we can help.

Speech therapy can use visual, tactile, and auditory cues to help increase the clarity and programming of speech sounds.

We use fun and engaging methods like visual examples, video feedback, and auditory cues to improve you or your child’s speaking skills.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach – we not only focus on speech techniques but also consider yours or your child’s facial structure to ensure no structural issues hinder their mouth movements.

This personalized touch allows us to provide a comprehensive and caring approach, supporting you or your child in developing confident and fluent communication skills.

Ready to speak with confidence and clarity?

Our tailored approach to lisp correction is designed just for you or your child. Take the first step toward improved speech.

How you sound matters, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.