Speech Delays / Late Talkers

38163700Communicating… but not talking.

You know what they want. They pointed at it.

You know they want it bad. Their screams and cries are escalating. You better give it to them… or you’ll have another tantrum on your hands.

Your child’s communication centers on creative ways of getting their point across, whether it’s through gestures, expressions, or simplified words.

It works, but it feels like you’re doing everything for them.

Everything else seems fine…

Ever feel like everything’s on track with your little one, but words are just taking a bit longer?

They hit other milestones, engage with their surroundings, and exhibit curiosity. Yet, there’s a noticeable gap when it comes to verbal expression.

Late talkers are often curious, bright, and interactive kids – they’ve just hit a pause on talking.

You usually know what they want, you know how they’re feeling – they’re communicating.

1067086859Let’s talk specifics…

Toddlers with a “speech delay” have no other diagnosed disabilities explaining the phenomenon. They’re also referred to as “late talkers” or “late language learners.”

Here are some specific signs of a speech delay:

  • An expressive vocabulary of fewer than 50 words by 24 months
  • No two-word combinations by 24 months
  • Articulation errors on known words
  • Use of shorter words
  •  Preference to use gestures or cries instead of words

We’re here to help!

Speech therapy can help stimulate overall language development, enhance everyday communication, improve performance in school, and potentially thwart future speech difficulties.

We make speech therapy a fun adventure for your child! It’s like a playdate that secretly helps them with articulation, understanding, and talking to friends and family.

And guess what, we teach you to do it, too! We incorporate therapy into play-based and daily routines because, let’s face it, playing is your child’s full-time job! This way, learning is natural, fun, and less time-consuming for you.

Our goal is to make sure they not only rock at school but also grow up to be confident communicators.

Let’s make every session a step toward their bright, talkative future!

2074309189“Teach them to talk, so they can teach us about them!”

Ready to embark on a playful journey of speech therapy?

Learn how to incorporate therapeutic activities into daily routines, turning playtime into a valuable learning experience.

Let’s make learning fun and natural – because when we teach them to talk, they teach us about the incredible individuals they are!