About The Speech Studio

609447710I started the Studio because we noticed a pattern…

I was seeing lots of children for speech concerns like vocabulary or pronunciation.

But many of these children also had mouth-related issues. Traits like open-mouth posture, drooling, and behavioral challenges were impacting their overall oral health and ability to move their mouths properly.

This led me to wonder if there was a deeper connection between speech and these often overlooked mouth-related challenges.

A crucial piece of the puzzle…

Something was missing in traditional speech therapy: a comprehensive examination of the oral mechanism itself.

The structure of the mouth affects its function. Think about it: When you take your car to a mechanic because it’s making strange noises, you naturally expect the mechanic to inspect what’s under the hood to diagnose the issue.

Similarly, if you or your child has difficulties with speech or mispronouncing sounds, it only makes sense to examine how the different parts inside their mouth are functioning.

This means looking beyond speech and considering other functions like eating, breathing, and resting to gain a complete understanding of the bigger picture.

The mouth is multifunctional, so we must treat it that way.

We firmly believe in looking at the whole person, not just isolated aspects. If one part of the mouth (like speech) isn’t working right, it can affect other things (like eating).

Instead of just looking at one piece of the puzzle, we should understand that everything in the mouth is connected and works together. Otherwise, a speech therapist might only focus on speech, the dentist on teeth, or an orthodontist on the bite.

By examining the larger picture and understanding how everything works in harmony, we can pinpoint the root causes of issues and provide more efficient solutions that save you time and money.

335019641If you don’t address the causes, you’ll forever treat the symptoms.

If we only fix symptoms and not underlying issues, we’ll always be playing catch-up.

For example, when a child has speech problems, it’s not just about fixing the sounds. It’s important to look at other things, like how the mouth moves. A child’s speech issues might be rooted in how they chew – or something you might never think about, like cavities, bite issues, crooked teeth, picky eating, mouth breathing, and sleep problems.

The best help comes from looking at everything as a whole and treating the causes – not just “improving symptoms.”

Nobody told me, either!

It happened to me, too… as I was working as a speech pathologist!

I personally had symptoms but never connected the dots. It’s a long story, but you can read the short version on my bio page.

Many people with speech issues or oral motor disorders (or their parents) go through their lives in the dark about their symptoms. They chalk it up to things like “getting older,” and they often carry around guilt for things like “not taking care of themselves.”

At The Speech Studio, we want to end the mystery and put you on the right path… right away.

Early intervention is important.

At one time, the therapy we do was aimed primarily at older children and adults.

But we didn’t want to tell a concerned mom to wait until her child grows older, especially given the importance of early intervention.

So, we did the research and modified our methods and techniques to cater to people of all ages and abilities. We aspire for our therapy methods to become the new standard in speech therapy.

Our goal is to support everyone, regardless of age or developmental stage.

Address the root cause, not just the symptoms.

If you’ve experienced speech or feeding issues, worn braces, dealt with snoring, or struggled to get a good night’s rest, reach out to us. There’s a possibility that these overlooked issues are interconnected.

get started today!