Speech Therapy

2256494633Speaking is the most natural thing in the world…

It SHOULD be easy… but it’s not.

Either you express yourself, but they don’t understand (hate that!)… or you steer your speech in a direction to be understood, but it’s not a full expression of your intention. It’s so frustrating!

You want to be heard for what you said, not how it sounded.

When you’re not fully understood…

Talking on the phone can be nerve-wracking.

Making introductions can feel intimidating.

Doing a presentation opens the anxiety floodgates.

These are significant challenges, and it goes beyond fear and anxiety. Speech difficulties affect every aspect of your daily activities.

Moreover, communicating clearly and being understood is vital to forming and maintaining human connections.

So, if you or your child is struggling in this arena, it’s important to get help.

Not talking isn’t an option, so…

Let’s figure out what’s going on.

2063272721Whatever the issue, we have the tools to help.

Embarking on speech therapy might feel like stepping into a world of discovery, and that’s okay!

In our sessions, the atmosphere is warm, friendly, and geared toward making learning enjoyable.

We start by understanding your unique needs through assessments that are more like games than tests. We explore articulation, feeding, orofacial myology, and phonology with creativity and play, ensuring that therapy doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Whether you’re here for clearer speech, better feeding skills, or improving orofacial function, the journey is personalized, supportive, and focused on making progress fun.

So, let’s dive in together and explore the exciting world of speech therapy!

Speech Sound Disorders
Speech sound disorders involve difficulties in accurately producing or articulating sounds, impacting effective communication and being clearly understood.

Oral Motor Treatment
If you’re having trouble with your tongue, lip, or jaw, we can help you increase their range of movement for better speech and eating.

If you experience disruptions or interruptions in the natural flow of speech, often involving repetitions, prolongations, or blocks of sounds or words.

Apraxia of Speech
A motor speech disorder that hinders the ability to plan and coordinate the movements required for fluent and accurate speech.

Speech Delays/Late Talkers
Is your little one taking their time talking?

Speech sound errors characterized by the mispronunciation of the “s” and “z” sounds, often result in a substitution with the “th” sound.

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