What Is It?

A quick, 15 minute, screening using standardized protocols to measure your childs speech and language skills in comparison to age-related peers. Both fast and efficient, this screening provides detailed information that will help determine if your child is in need of further interventions or testing. This procedure does not diagnose your child.

Why Screen?

Ease your mind knowing a certified Speech Language Pathologist is using current scientifically-proven and evidence-based methods to determine if your child is reaching their developmental milestones in a timely manner.

If the screening indicates further testing is needed, find comfort in knowing your proactiveness will offer guidance and recommendations on the necessary next-steps to take. Eliminate feelings of stress, frustration or helplessness and draw a baseline on knowing where to begin.

If your child is having difficulty with any of the following it may be time to speak with a Speech Pathologist.

  • Pronouncing words
  • Being understood
  • Speaking fluent
  • Understanding language
  • Expressing thoughts or ideas?

Benefits Of Early Screenings Include:

  • Decrease the risk of your child missing developmental milestones
  • Lessen the effects of a speech or language disability or delay
  • Get professional recommendations
  • Offer Greater Opportunities to advance

When And Where:

Every Tuesday during the month of January 2018 by appointment only.

Our offices are located at:
955 Carrillo Drive St 105
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: (310) 929-0798
Email: SandyFunk@TheSpeechStudioLA.com