Top 5 Teletherapy Myths

618083375My Child is Too Young:

Teletherapy is actually preferred for young kids as it provides unique advantages. The therapist can see more by utilizing recordings, enabling playback, pausing, repetition, slow-motion analysis, and the ability to focus on different areas of the mouth. This enhanced visibility on the monitor ensures a more comprehensive evaluation and targeted intervention. Additionally, parent coaching is seamlessly integrated, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and preventing the waste of precious developmental years while waiting for the right therapist.

674846155My Child Won’t Sit Still/Has a Limited Attention Span:

Contrary to the myth, online therapy is not vastly different from in-person sessions. Parent coaching is a key component, teaching caregivers how to interact and intervene effectively, leading to quicker results and minimizing the child’s ability to revert to old habits. The sessions are designed to accommodate movement breaks and address sensory needs, ensuring that the child doesn’t have to sit still for prolonged periods. Teletherapy aims to be interactive, engaging, and adaptable to the child’s attention span.

1036253818Teletherapy is Not as Effective as In-Person:

This misconception is debunked by the fact that teletherapy has been in existence since the 90s, with numerous studies confirming its effectiveness. While experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic may have varied, not all therapists were prepared for the sudden shift to teletherapy. However, with the right expertise, online therapy can be more effective, involving caregivers more consistently and yielding better progress due to increased parental involvement.

557096752There Is Too Much Screen Time Involved:

Teletherapy is more than just screen time; it’s an interactive and engaging experience. It differs significantly from passive screen time, as the goal is to actively involve the child in meaningful interactions, encouraging brain engagement, social skill practice, critical thinking activities, and the application of learned techniques. The therapist ensures that the child is not simply staring at the screen but actively participating in the session.

1696327042Building genuine relationships through the computer is not possible:

Building strong relationships over teletherapy is not only possible but often highly successful. Just as children form connections with characters on television, they can develop meaningful relationships with their therapists. Despite the virtual setting, the interactive nature of teletherapy fosters genuine connections, and some of the most profound therapeutic relationships have been established through online sessions.

Not All Speech Therapists Are Created the Same:

The effectiveness of teletherapy depends on the therapist’s experience and skills rather than the mode of delivery. Having a less experienced or skilled therapist in person does not guarantee better results. Accessing a specialized therapist online can provide a more personalized and effective approach, resulting in enhanced progress and consistent carry-over due to increased caregiver involvement.

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